Our Story

We are a black-owned and operated online holistic wellness store, formulated as part of my coaching practice Aura Essence Therapy, my modern approach to healing using colors, essential oils, and flower essences to transform the way you love, care for, and express yourself.  

When asked why people struggle with starting and sticking to a daily skincare regimen, the #1 answer is it is just too complicated. We decided to SIMPLIFY all the headache and heartache that goes into finding quality products that not only work but are simple and easy to implement into any lifestyle. SKIN is our 2-step clarifying system consisting of a cleanser and treatment serum designed to hydrate, heal, and protect your skin with daily use. 

 Let me reintroduce myself, I am Ginelle Murphy, I am a Beauty Enthusiast and Self Awareness Coach. What that means is I counsel women to recover from emotional trauma and rediscover their beauty and spiritual purpose by tapping into the healing power of colors, flower essences, and positive affirmations.
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